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Pressures Faced By Small Business Owners in Australia

Small business owners play a crucial role in driving economic growth and creating employment opportunities. However, operating a small business in the current market environment presents several challenges and pressures. This article aims to explore the specific pressures faced by small business owners in Australia, focusing on inflation, interest rates, labor shortages, and the Australian […]

The Taxman Cometh … and Taketh Away

1. Worrying Times Ahead As you are no doubt aware, the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”) is finally ramping up its enforcement activity. This follows a hiatus of two years or so caused primarily by the COVID-19 pandemic. It started earlier this year with the issuance of awareness letters warning of the disclosure to credit agencies […]

Why Work with O’Brien Palmer?

Formal Small Business Restructuring Process, Liam Bailey, O'Brien Palmer, Insolvency, Business Restructuring, why work with obp

O’Brien Palmer is a firm of business turnaround specialists. We are technically trained in insolvency administration, but generally we’re just accountants and normal business people! Who Are You? My name is Liam Bailey, I am the Managing Partner of O’Brien Palmer. My formal qualifications are that I’m a registered liquidator and trustee in bankruptcy. But […]

Director Identification Number – What Your Clients Need to Know

As a result of recent legislative changes, any person who is or wants to become a company director will be required to have a unique identification number which will be administered by a new national registry service. This unique identification number will assist government and industry regulatory bodies to accurately identify directors. Failure to apply […]