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It was a real pleasure for me to be able to attend the special Premier’s Lunch recently, put on by the Sutherland Shire Chamber of Commerce, with the guest of honour being the NSW State Premier, The Hon Chris Minns, MP.

As advocates for growth and business turnaround, the OBP team decided to support the event as main sponsors and be in the room with 200 other business people to hear how the Premier and State Government are taking action to help businesses, particularly those that are struggling right now.

As a local resident of the Sutherland Shire, it was also very fulfilling for me to be able to support a business community which I feel very much a part of, having already impacted so many businesses positively with our Business Advisory services.

We have helped many businesses when they have had difficulties arise and it’s become obvious that they cannot continue trading without making major changes, and it has been our pleasure to assist them to restructure and reform their businesses to being profitable and thriving again.

Business Advisory reform is an essential part of a business life cycle. From housing and construction to innovation, a large emphasis on hospitality industry concerns, skilled staffing shortages, access to grants and funding, transport issues for staff, IT and cyber security… there were so many topics covered and some interesting conversations were had. To get that many business people in the room this close to Christmas does show you that people are concerned about their businesses, but also want to be part of the solution by offering their feedback.

As a Business Advisory, we have a unique opportunity to help businesses that might be in distress right now, or recognising even a few of the insolvency issues in their day to day business trading.

We offered every business in the room this offer, and I’d like to extend it to you too. If you are facing:

  • cash flow stress 
  • unable to pay your debts on time and they are mounting 
  • struggling to collect money owed to you 
  • or trying to deal with an aggressive ATO…


Most business owners could be saved so much unnecessary stress and even turn their businesses around, if they recognised the signs that their business was in trouble, and then do something positive about it. As we heard from so many businesses at the lunch, many of the reasons that are causing them stress are not a result of their own wrong-doing. But, they are struggling. And you might be too.

As the Director of your business, it is your responsibility to be aware and to turn things around before it’s too late. And we can help you with a fresh pair of eyes and years of expertise to turn things around, so you can run your business with more clarity, efficiency and confidence. Please get in touch with us for a no fee / no obligation consultation.

Liam Bailey, Managing Partner
O’Brien Palmer

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