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Today we are meeting a very valued team member from O’Brien Palmer. Clement Teng, has been a Director with OBP for the past twelve months, and brings twelve years of expertise to the insolvency and business advisory firm.




Holding a Bachelor of Commerce (UNSW) and being a Chartered Accountant, Clement boasts over a decade of experience in corporate insolvency and restructuring. His track record includes successfully restructuring or facilitating the orderly wind down of businesses across diverse industries.

Clement is a real asset to the firm. He is fluently conversant in five languages: Mandarin, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonese, and Fuzhou. His linguistic prowess enriches his professional repertoire, enabling seamless communication and rapport-building with clients of various cultural backgrounds. 

His proficiency extends beyond formal insolvency appointments, encompassing a spectrum of non-formal engagements such as business advisory, forensic review, restructuring assessments, and aiding experts in crafting solvency reports. Clement’s specialisation shines in property-related matters, handling receiverships, mortgagee-in-possession appointments, and Section 66G appointments.

O’Brien Palmer takes great pride in Clement’s multilingual abilities, especially his fluency in both speaking, reading and writing Mandarin, and he plays a pivotal role as a primary liaison for the firm’s diverse clientele, fostering strong connections across different cultures and backgrounds.

Clement has also been re-elected as the Treasurer for the Australia Malaysia Business Council (NSW Chapter), and he and the firm were featured in their newsletter this month, which you can view here. He is very active in this group, and we are proud of his efforts and the impact he is making within the Australian Malaysian community.

We hope you take the time to watch Clement’s video, and if you or any of your colleagues may require his unique services, please put them in touch with him (or any of the team at OBP), as he is only too happy to have a no fee/no obligation confidential discussion with you or them.

Liam Bailey
Managing Partner, O’Brien Palmer

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